Original Music

[audio:From_The_Ashes.mp3,Arena_Theater.mp3,English_Peas.mp3|titles=Arise From The Ashes,Arena Theater,English Peas|autostart=yes|width=100%]


Please check this mix of new original music inside the music player above. Use the controls to either advance the track selection and/or mute the player if you wish.

We have great experience and knowledge; writing music for Kids TV show, Medical TV, Health Care Industrial Education, Motivational Videos and Broadcast TV Commercials. Writing for these programs and other uses is an exciting yet challenging creative opportunity that we relish in. We are always seeking out artists and/or publishers to help us spread the word.

Ty Roberts has the incredible ability to write in Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Trance, Ambient, Experimental, Jazz, Classic Rock, Metal and Dance Re-mixes, He also enjoys producing and mixing. He currently uses Logic with a host of cool Waves and UA


New 360 Web Technology For Viewing Boutique Guitars
Roberts Media Solutions and Steve Thornton of Atlanta, GA have developed a ground breaking technique for photographing guitars. We call it 360 degrees because you see the entire guitar spinning in 360° space. Just grab the play head to move the guitar around to any position. Contact us and we’ll create a new unique experience for your boutique guitar website.

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