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Our customers require their business, academic, medical or government partners completely and fully understand their needs and understand their language in every dialect, custom, and nuance. This is our specialty.

We create hundreds of hours of translated programing in all the major languages, dialects, and countries of the world. We also offer and suggest the exclusive high-end process of recreating your program’s graphics from scratch – no overlays – no subtitles – just newly created translated graphics and animations, making your program look as close as possible to a native production.

What Makes The Best Translator?

The best language translator must not only be able to write very well, but they must understand the original text in the original language then expertly express the intended meaning clearly using the new target language. Our methodology and multi-step process ensures complete accuracy and guaranteed positive results.

List Of RMS Services
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Ty Roberts of Atlanta, Georgia formed Roberts Multimedia Service (RMS) in January of 1991, then renamed the company to Roberts Media Solutions ( upon reaching their 20th year in business.

They offer high-end video communication services to corporate clientele, specializing in high definition video production, digital non-linear video editing, video graphics, computer animation, web-vid and DVD production. They’ve produced 1,000’s of corporate DVD’s, web based training and marketing resources, video presentations, internal & external corporate videos and television commercials.

In addition, they have strategic alliances with many Atlanta based video services. Making them a one-stop resource for: production, crews, studios, post-production services, editing, original music, sound design, media compression, and DVD creation.

RMS is a major provider of medical education in cooperation with major medical products companies around the world. They help many companies develop and deliver interactive, innovative, integrated, and specialized educational programs which captivate, motivate and engage targeted audiences.

Having worked as an award winning video editor and video producer since 1985, Ty's experience, coupled with his strong managerial skills and commitment to world-class results, gives him the ability to provide clients with affordable, effective productions.

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