360 Guitar – New Technology Lets You Reach Out And Grab

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New 360 Web Technology For Viewing Any Guitar 360°

Roberts Media Solutions of Atlanta, GA has developed a ground breaking new technique for viewing guitars online. It’s called 360 Guitars because you see the entire guitar in 360° space. Once scanned, you can move guitar around to any position – seeing contours and experiencing what it would be like to actually touch. We have already created this unique vision for a number of boutique guitar websites.

Contact us and we’ll create a new unique experience for your boutique guitar website.

























Check Out Our First Client’s Use of This 360 Guitar Technology – Click Here


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Ty Roberts of Atlanta, Georgia formed Roberts Multimedia Service (RMS) in January of 1991, then renamed the company to Roberts Media Solutions (www.robertsmedia.solutions) upon reaching their 20th year in business.

They offer high-end video communication services to corporate clientele, specializing in high definition video production, digital non-linear video editing, video graphics, computer animation, web-vid and DVD production. They’ve produced 1,000’s of corporate DVD’s, web based training and marketing resources, video presentations, internal & external corporate videos and television commercials.

In addition, they have strategic alliances with many Atlanta based video services. Making them a one-stop resource for: production, crews, studios, post-production services, editing, original music, sound design, media compression, and DVD creation.

RMS is a major provider of medical education in cooperation with major medical products companies around the world. They help many companies develop and deliver interactive, innovative, integrated, and specialized educational programs which captivate, motivate and engage targeted audiences.

Having worked as an award winning video editor and video producer since 1985, Ty's experience, coupled with his strong managerial skills and commitment to world-class results, gives him the ability to provide clients with affordable, effective productions.

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