Formerly known as Roberts Multimedia Service: We understand the critical concepts and techniques required to produce meaningful and informative video programs, medical translations, DVDs and web-based videos utilizing a variety of different communication techniques. We are more than a video production company based in Atlanta GA., because we are keenly aware of management's concerns and budget limitations which other outdated approaches often fail to realize.

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360° Guitars Are Here

Roberts Media Solutions of Atlanta, GA ( has developed a ground breaking new technique for viewing guitars online. It's called 360 Guitars because you see the entire guitar in 360° space. Once scanned, you can move guitar around to any position - seeing contours and experiencing what it would be like to actually touch. We have already created this unique vision for a number of boutique guitar websites.

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Besides having the skills to produce outstanding video resources and products, we will make it our business to know your business, by knowing how to ask the right questions of all stakeholders and internal resources. Based in Atlanta GA, our proven, and time tested practices can help your organization capitalize on the hidden opportunities in today’s market volatility.

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Our customers require their businesses and medical partners to completely and fully understand their intent and their language in every dialect, custom, and nuance. This is our specialty, as we have created hundreds of hours of translated video programing in all the major languages, dialects, and countries of the world.

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Original Music & Guitar Playing, Recorded in Our Studio, For a Great New Amp Company Based in Atlanta.